Friday, March 16, 2012

Shopping in the Pointes

Well, I have run out of exciting photos to post so I thought I would post what I cleaned. Not really wanting to post the toilet and the kitchen sink or my laundry, I started making a list. Of the cleaning shit I needed.

First I had to buy pens and paper.

Today I forayed out to shop for the needed items: Simple Green, Doozy, Marble cleaner, Silver cleaner, glass cleaner, and brown paper trash bags for the yard waste. Ace in the village was my last resort, forgot they carried all this stuff. Rosenthal's was the only thing I could not find. There was a Grosse Pointe Matron in line in front of me. You can always spot them. Pencil thin, perfect hair, LV handbag and wallet, buying a small white candle for six dollars and change, and she had the exact change. WTF does anyone need with a small white candle. And if you did-why wouldn't you go to Target. Or the Dollar Store. Or order it from the Beeswax Candle Store.

Four stores and I have most of what I need including food and drink. Farms Market dropped the price of the Rotisserie Chicken by 2 dollars.  Big Daddy better keep an eye on my bank account.

Lost the crown for Trash Queen, 2 neighbors had more trash bags. And I recycled and it worked. They took the shit and I retrieved the container.

So now when I clean I can post the pictures of my treasures.


  1. I plumbed today, had a hot water heater go bad, very bad, but at least they are back in busy-ness cutting hair again. I had a good helper who actually did most of the work while I ran off and bought supplies (and coffee). So I have earned my grilled chicken sandwich today, actually I have not had one in several days, they probably think I have died! Hopefully they have not given away my bottle of BBQ sauce that I keep at the diner. The owner has been away to prison almost a month now. She is s'pposed to be out just in time for Christmas. I should write her a letter, or better yet a card!

  2. I think a letter would be very much appreciated.