Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Punkin Head

Once there was a little red headed boy who lived in a pink house . . .

I made up a story and told it to Punkin Head like a children's book would be written. That is because he was so precocious and learned everything very quickly and he was too cute. I am not bragging on the cute part, he was too cute. When they showed his baby picture at upper school graduation the entire audience let out a sigh.

If he would send me the picture I would post it. It is precious.

But his cuteness led to every Tom, Dick and Harry noticing him and wanting to touch his hair and just gaze at his beauty. It was downright creepy and those were creepy times. So I taught him his name and where he lived. I added information as he could absorb it. I think we got up to the phone number and then he started reading the newspaper.

So to a perfect little boy who grew into a wonderful son and a responsible citizen, have a wonderful day and enjoy your special dinner. Love, Mommy.

P.S. He was also grounded every birthday from 11 or 12 until he went to college. He gets spring fever early.