Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just because I am blonde does not mean I am dumb

Here is Big Daddy's precious clock, it has lost it's chiming mind with all the time changing.

I am turning into my mother and she can make you pull your hair out no matter what color you buy. So not dumb, genetics.

Thought I would be Mrs. Eye on the Ball and change all the clocks yesterday afternoon. Well there was no problem with my eyeball, got them all changed and boy I was proud. Until the 11PM news when Mr. Anchor told me not to forget to spring forward. As I was a goofball, I fell back.  Rats, I fucked it all up. Well at least I learned how to change most of the clocks. Not sure about the stove and the car and the thermostat. Figured out the computer too, it was still on China time which never changes and that was not easy. China computer, China time, who knew.

Since it was a beautiful day I walked the yard. Then I came in and cried. The work needed here is so huge I cannot believe it. A few bulbs are coming up and I have one survivor my Lenten Rose, but it looks sad.

There is some nonsense going on in the wood pile behind the garage and I think I have discovered the source, the missing next door neighbor newlyweds. It looks like some crap was thrown on top and I looked in their yard and the whole back garden area looks like someone was digging for gold. And there are bundles of wood scraps and branches and twigs all over their yard. If I catch that asshat I may get a bit angry.

Tried a new wine from Trader Joe's, the "on special" Terrenal Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine, product of Spain. It is not bad , again all under 10 bucks.


  1. Hmmm, I somehow missed your posting earlier until now, strange. That is kinda interesting that the entire country of China has one time zone. I think the time on my iPad stays up to date automaGically, so that is cool. I had just got finished resetting my wife's vehicle clock after they worked on the transmission, so I guess I have to set it again for her.

    Did I understand right that your neighbors got in your woodpile?!?!?

  2. Yep, the entire country of China is one time zone and no daylight savings for them.

    Yes, we have the tiniest woodpile in history, we also have a chiminea. Then when the branch fell off the tree a couple years ago my handy guy sawed it up and put it with the other 8 mini logs. Now it is growing and it has sketchy looking wood type things on top.