Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drunk Tulips

Day one and not flopped over.

I have lost Big Daddy's pictures of the frogs and 100 year old eggs from the wet market. Cannot find them anywhere on this damn computer.

The neighbors that are now named the Repats, they were in Sweden for a few years are gonna get on my nerves. This is the woman who already put the new dirt on her flower beds. Every day now she out digging something out of her grass. Don't know what, but really it is March. Yesterday I was walking around the yard and it got wet and squishy. That means do not walk on the grass, it is too early and you will tamp down and cause damage if you do yardwork too soon. This bitch is out there first thing every morning.

Well, this false spring is about to end. I am washing and ironing summer clothes.


  1. I have orange tulips, maybe about a dozen or so. The daffodils have not flowered yet, but their greenery has come up. I got some shoes put in inventory and sold pair today that just came in last week, some pink and black ones, they are quite popular.

  2. What, don't understand about the shoes?